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Netgear is one of the most common brands of wireless router industry, Netgear router used globally by most of the people and the main thing is that Netgear is the leading brand in wireless router industry.

Netgear used globally that’s why a huge number of people use this router, they face a lot of issues when they use the device, most of the time when people buy a Netgear router they didn’t know how to set and use the router properly. This article is helping those people who are facing a lot of issues while using a Netgear router. If anyone wants’ to get more information they can simply take a help of Router support to know about Netgear router and solve their issue properly.                                                                                                                        
                                                  Some common issues:
Netgear Router Not working: 
This is one of the most common issues of most of the people when they using Netgear router and the router didn’t work properly, this problem is happening because of some reason is happen when they try to connect or using the router• Simply check the internet connection first some time it's happening because the internet connection is lost.• The most common thing is that overheating issue, sometimes the over usages of router create the overheating issue simply don’t do any other thing, stop using the router for more than one hour.• Here a common issue happens most of the time when the router try to update their framework, most of the people didn’t know the actual process to do the thing that’s why they face a lot of issues, Simply log in to the router admin panel and select the Frameware update option and click on the ok button to do the thing. If anyone facing any use while doing the thing they can simply take a help of Netgear Technical Support Number to fix the problem properly.
Login issue:                                                                                                                                
 When anyone tries to log on to the router for surfing internet they didn’t do this because of some issue is happening when anyone face this kind of issue they should follow the simple steps like going to the Netgear router console after that need to log on inside Netgear router setup console, you can able to access all the thing and remotely access your router, most of the time user didn’t do the thing properly. If anyone thinks the same thing you can contact Netgear Technical Support team to solve the issue quickly.

 There is the most of common issue which is discussed in this article with the solution, if anyone gets the faster result they can also take a help of Netgear team the support executive,they are always ready to help 24*7.
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